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Therapeutic Massage 

I draw from a variety of modalities to create each session specifically for you. My specialty resides in the form of Swedish massage that flows into a lighter and deeper pressure where needed. I find it very beneficial to incorporate gua sha, static cupping, hot stones, and stretching into the massage with the intention of creating movement in your muscles and joints. Each massage includes warm towels and the InfraMat Pro®, which incorporates far-infrared and negative ions naturally into your body. 


Therapeutic Massage - 60 Minute Session 

A 60-minute therapeutic massage session is a great option if you have minor body aches and discomfort but can also be tailored to deeper detailed work focussing on two to three areas only. This massage is also wonderful for overall relaxation.  

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Therapeutic Massage - 90 Minute Session 

A 90-minute massage session is a great option if you have more intensive body aches, injury, rehabilitation, and pain that require time in deeper detailed work. Discomfort that has become chronic and severe may require multiple sessions. Monthly maintenance sessions are highly encouraged to keep progress gained and give your body support through life's continual physical demands.


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