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All About Me

Massage and Bodywork

Becoming an entrepreneur in the middle of a pandemic in 2020 has been incredibly adventurous and an incredible blessing.  As a practicing massage and bodywork therapist, I have the privilege to partner with women in their healing journey and support them through the physical demands of life. 

I can not express enough the power and healing effects massage can have in one's life. Working with clients over the years and seeing their progress inspires me every day. Some have recovered from surgery and regained their range of motion. Some have gained support through the relaxation effects of massage and decreased their anxiety. 


I could not do this work without my amazing clients. It is such an honor!


Mindfulness and Mediation 

I am also grateful to teach mindfulness and meditation classes. I was trained in the Duke University Integrative Medicine Program as a Koru teacher. This has been a wonderful platform to tangibly teach mindfulness and meditation. 

It is my passion in life and work to help bring more joy into one’s life experience. When more joy exists less distress exists. Therefore, I hope to help relieve distress whether in mind, body, or spirit through teaching mindfulness and meditation. My classes are adapted from the Koru program and are specific to women of all ages and stages of life.


I believe in the changes that can happen through this program and the gift of agency that can be gained over one's mind.

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