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Lymphatic and Prenatal Massage


Lymphatic Massage uses light, gentle pressure to stimulate the lymphatic system, reduce inflammation, and detox your body.  As the lymphatic system has a slow rhythm with the capillaries located just under the skin, using light pressure is recommended to effectively move lymph fluid. Some of the indications lymphatic massage can help with are to stimulate the parasympathetic system for help with stress, to activate fluid circulation, to promotes tissue regeneration, to stimulate the immune system that aids in prevention, to reduce inflammation and accelerate healing post-surgery, to reduce muscle spasms after trauma, and a vast number of other ailments.
The prenatal massage session will be achieved in the side-lying position using the lymphatic massage technique. Comfortably supporting mom and baby with pillows and towels to ensure safety for both. This can offer moms great muscle relief from the physical strain pregnancy can have on the body.

Lymphatic and Prenatal Massage: Services
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